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Like Hearts Swelling

ape poo

25 March
well, I was born in Japan, my mother had lived there all her life, but then found my Father who was African American walking down the busy streets of some big Japanese city. They met and conveniently my father knew Japanese and they quickly became lovers. I was squeezed out and shipped to Canada along with my mother and Father. As you all know an African and a Japanese person when "merged" produce a white person... Now I live in Toronto and I go to Don Mills collegiate institute. point me out
africa, architecture, art, australia, beans (not the food), bed, big trees, birdie, books, canada, canadian scenes, carbonated drinks, cd burning, cinema, classical, do, dogs, drawing, drones, dvds, eastyork, europe, experimental parachute moments, fame, film, flying, food, fun, games, greek food, greek town, happiness, harveys, home renovations, homes, houses, huge ass trees, kevin, make, maybe asia, mercy, money, monkeys, mr.foo, music, old scottish men, oversensitivity, painting, people, pictures, pillows, plutonian pings, pugs, richness, rollerblading, say, scenes, sex, south america, summer, sun, the sky, think, thinking it was funny, toasters strudel, toronto, travel, tv, wesley, willows, women, you, your mom